[E-Lang] My financial data

Vijay Saraswat vijay@saraswat.org
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 03:15:40 -0500

Havent browsed through all the archives -- so examples like this may
have been covered already...forgive me if this is not interesting or
already covered..

Here is a news paper account I just came across.. amazingly, on



How would one design a system (hardware, software) that could let me, a
user, collect my financial data from various feeds on the net, pull
together my composite financial picture...hosted on some ASP (or
portal)site on the net (so I can connect to it from anywhere on the net,
and from any wireless device)... but in a way that i was guaranteed that
no one else could see that picture except me, or those who I had
explicitly delegated the ability to?

more practically, how might yahoo be able to convince me, a sceptical
reporter (let us say), that their life history is safe with me ...
without governmental laws etc having to be brought into play...more
carefully, how would they have to design their system so that they could
convince me?