[E-Lang] Possession as Metaphor (was: Pet Extensions and such (was: what is good about E?))

Ken Kahn kenkahn@toontalk.com
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:16:06 -0700

Alan Karp wrote:
> I already have that.  My HP badge works as long as I get close enough to
> sensor.  The real problem is POLA when people have a large number of keys.
> (We got this wrong in e-speak Beta 2.2 by making it easy for people to put
> all their keys on one key ring.)  The problem is providing a good way for
> people to specify which keys they want to use in a particular situation.
> Otherwise, we've got the ACL problem of every request carrying the user's
> full authority.

I would have thought the problem in Beta 2.2 is that some keys are master
keys that work throughout a floor or building - not that lots of keys are on
the same key ring. Or was the problem one that doesn't map to this metaphor?

When I last bought a car, they gave me the keys and a key they called a
valet key. This was news to me. I asked and they said it doesn't open the
trunk but does open the doors and starts the engine. A nice physical example
of POLA.