[E-Lang] Discussion about E & EROS on Wes Felter's weblog

Dan Moniz dnm@pobox.com
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 03:09:03 -0400

Hi people,

I was just checking some usual haunts on the web and noticed there's 
an interesting thread on E and EROS (in the context of "Do we really 
need E and EROS?") on Wes Felter's weblog _Hack The Planet_ 

I think this might be a good opportunity to test out some of our 
recent discussions about how to pitch E, and I think arguments like 
this are worthwhile. Jacob Levy is the originator of the thread that 
concerns E and EROS in particular and he contends that after 30 
years, the market doesn't need E or the security provides, because it 
doesn't solve a problem, or at least one worth solving given the pain 
of having to use E and EROS (my summarization, if I occluded or 
skipped over any points, that's my fault, not Jacob's).

For the Sun Labs people in the E community, you may be interested to 
know that Jacob's favorite language is Tcl. I know MarkM and I have 
had significant conversations about Tcl, E, and Scheme in the context 
of what people consider to be "easy to use" programming languages, so 
this may shine some light on where he's coming from as a programmer.

You can view all the thread messages and responses without creating 
an account, but I would urge you to do so as to be able to post 

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