[E-Lang] static typing

Ken Kahn kenkahn@toontalk.com
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 12:39:03 -0700

From: "Marc Stiegler" <marcs@skyhunter.com>
> This is really good stuff. There is a world of difference between a
> that will tell you if you misspelled a variable (a very limited level of
> type checking) and one that does not.

Languages don't tell you anything - tools for using languages do. For any
programming language (except my ToonTalk :-)), I can imagine a tool that
reports misspelled variables. In some languages the reports are only
warnings since the variable might have a binding when the program runs. I
can also imagine tools that when provided with optional type information
report type violations in programs before they are run.

There is E the language and there is E the language and associated
programming tools and it seems to me that this thread has been mixing them


-ken kahn