[E-Lang] addenda: Zooko's proglang history, E certificates and messages vs. streams

zooko@zooko.com zooko@zooko.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 12:09:36 -0800

I should have mentioned that I also learned LOGO at about the same time
I learned BASIC.  I deeply loved LOGO ("T.I. LOGO" for the Texas
Instruments home computer, with the traditional turtle plus colorful
animated sprites and an integrated graphical pixmap editor).

I have a son on the way, my first baby, and so in a few years' time 
I need to have a good programming language for children, in case he
wants to learn how to think about "how to".  My current candidates are
LOGO, ToonTalk, and some construction of my own.

In other news, I realized another potential value in having
message-based instead of stream-based comms:  It may be possible to
partially or wholly unify the E invocations and E certificates.