[E-Lang] empirical and statistical comparison of languages

Bill Frantz frantz@pwpconsult.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 23:12:22 -0800

At 8:05 PM -0800 3/5/01, Marc Stiegler wrote:
>> The Java code was written in 1997/1998 -- the Collection API wasn't added
>> the end of 1998.
>Yeah, but there was a hashTable in the API on the first day it shipped.
>The author did note that the Java programmers might be less skilled than
>counterparts in other languages since it was early in Java's evolution. That
>could have had something to do with it.
>The other thing I personally guess might have had something to do with it
>is, all these things in the Java API require you to either have an eidetic
>memory or to look up the class methods and constructors in a book. Python
>(and E) not only come bundled with hashtable/map structures, they come with
>built-in, intuitive array-style syntax for using them. I use maps in E
>without even thinking about it; using maps in Java almost always requires
>that I track it down in java.util.
>Personally, I think I still would have used the Java hashtables if faced
>with this problem, but I would have had sympathy for people who didn't.

I always used Java hashtables, even in Java 1.0.  I guess I was just too
lazy to re-implement that particular wheel.

Cheers - Bill

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