[E-Lang] remote comms

Karp, Alan alan_karp@hp.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:18:53 -0800

In e-speak we made the distinction between "connection" and "session"
explicit by adding the unfortunately named reliableSend().  I say
unfortunately named because it is really a persistent send.  In other words,
the message will be delivered even if the recipient is currently
unreachable.  Thus, send() preserves ordering as long as the connection is
alive; reliableSend() preserves ordering as long as the "session" is alive.
What constitutes a "session" is left to the end points to decide.

I am puzzled by the statement by MarcS that he rarely needs the timebomb
pattern.  I would think that the thing you got the promise for is something
that you will eventually need.  If you haven't gotten it by that time, or a
decent interval thereafter, don't you need to cancel out the request, if
only to avoid state build up?

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