[E-Lang] Immutable map operations

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:46:16 -0800

At 07:37 AM Wednesday 3/28/01, Tyler Close wrote:
>Dean wrote:
>> BTW The PartiallyComparable comment says that MarkM "discovered"
>> irreflexive partial ordering.  Seems like the concept was around
>> before.  Does it really come from him?
>I'd never come across the concept before. I got the impression that
>MarkM hadn't seen it before either. If you have a better reference for
>this idea, please tell me and I will update the documentation. In the
>Hydro documentation, I've made an attempt to include references to
>what I think are the sources of the concepts I've used in the design.

I remember "discovering" it.  I put "discover" in scare quotes only because, 
as with anything else, I may have only re-discovered it.  But I'm not aware 
of any other occurrences of the concept.

Perhaps Dean is aware of another concept that goes by the same name?