[E-Lang] Announcing The Bug Fix Branch Release

steve jenson stevej@sieve.net
Tue, 8 May 2001 05:50:26 -0700

Quoting burtonator (burton@relativity.yi.org):

> "Mark S. Miller" <markm@caplet.com> writes:
> > By popular demand, because 0.8.10 isn't out yet, I've applied some of the 
> > bug fixes since 0.8.9 to create a side branch called (actually, 
> >  Get it at http://www.erights.org/download/0-8-9-1/index.html .
> <snip>
> I guess I will bring it up again.  Where is anoncvs?  Are there any plans for
> this?  I guess the geek in me views any project that doesn't have an open CVS as
> vaporware :(

Not to be contentious but I consider a working product that has many many
thousands of lines of code behind it to not be vaporware.

I'm not an official E spokesperson but I've seen some of the development
process firsthand and I asked mark this question once when he was at
my house, patching code and updating it to his CVS tree, and his answer
was basically "Being the only person who's currently expressing interest
in actually writing code for the language, I need to focus my efforts
on actually building the product and not peripheral things as putting
up an anoncvs tree." (that's some very heavy paraphrasing there, I'm
sure MarkM will clear up any of my misstatements.)


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