[E-Lang] Announcing The Bug Fix Branch Release

shap@cs.jhu.edu shap@cs.jhu.edu
Tue, 08 May 2001 13:59:07 -0400

Ben Laurie wrote:
> Also, BTW, the CVS server is capable of mailing commits, but ISTR Mark
> declined that facility (also an important one for projects that want to
> involve community, IMO).
> Cheers,
> Ben.

I've just added a mailing list e-cvs on www.eros-os.org. Those of you
who wish to do so can join it by pointing your web browser at


Ben Laurie: could you take a minute to pop over to eros.cs.jhu.edu and
revise the change notifier so that it will send messages concerning
<repository-top>/e/... to e-cvs@eros-os.org? It appears to me that only
the mailto file needs an edit, but I'm not entirely certain how your
notice munger actually works...