[E-Lang] Other languages with secure capabilities

Paul Snively psnively@earthlink.net
Tue, 08 May 2001 22:08:12 -0700

on 5/8/01 8:00 AM, Ken Kahn at KenKahn@ToonTalk.com wrote:

> Yesterday I met with 2 people who are making Oz/Mozart
> (http://www.mozart-oz.org/ ) secure and seem to be taking a very similar
> approach to E (they seemed to be well-read on E).
> I just think all these groups should be interacting more than they appear to
> be doing.

That was very much my feeling when I inquired here as to whether anyone was
familiar with Oz/Mozart. This was at a time when I was struggling with the
question as to whether to concentrate on getting E to work on the Macintosh,
or to try to port Oz/Mozart.

At the moment, the answer happens to be "neither," but thanks to MacOS X's
Java support and the continued efforts of MarkM and others I think the
E-on-Mac story has a natural resolution anyway, so I do expect to eventually
port Oz/Mozart, at least to MacOS X if not MacOS Classic.

I'm very interested in whatever the Oz/Mozart team is doing wrt
network-level security; do you have any relatively current pointers?

> Best,
> -ken