History of EQ (was: Re: [E-Lang] Progress & Non-Progress Report)

Tyler Close tyler@waterken.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 14:07:21 +0100

There seems to be an important historical omission on the "History of the 
Grant Matcher" page at:


I remember the last time I was in the Bay Area, Norm, Dean, MarkM, Ping and 
I had a group meeting to get the definitive status of the EQ question. 
Walking into the discussion, all of Norm, MarkM, Ping and I were of the 
opinion that EQ was necessary and were expecting to see the Grant Matcher 
Puzzle carry the day. I remember being very surprised (and impressed) when 
Dean single handedly won the debate by demonstrating that the Grant Matcher 
Puzzle could also be solved using a sealer/unsealer pair. I remember MarkM 
conceding the point and deciding that E would continue with EQ for the sole 
reason of maintaining familiarity for Java programmers. I believe Ping has 
a more or less complete transcript of the discussion, as he was nominated 
as stenographer.

Let's update the history books before this one gets lost in the mist of time!