[E-Lang] Re: Fwd: WebRing is Moving!

Mark S. Miller markm@caplet.com
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:40:06 -0700

At 05:13 AM 10/16/2001 Tuesday, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
>> How about http://www.capsecure.com/ ?  I reserved it for just such a
>I think it would be a mistake to fragment discussions of capability security
>from discussions of capabilities in general. Ideally, I should think that a
>broader domain name and topic area would make more sense...

If you can think of a better name that isn't taken, grab it fast.  They're 
going quickly.

Also, I wasn't thinking of this site as a discussion site.  We've already 
got more lists for discussing capabilities than we actively use.  I was 
thinking of it as simply a link-hub, a replacement for our soon-to-be-gone 
WebRing hub, with links to sites about capabilities and capability-based 
systems.  Ie, a live survey or bibliography, as Joerg's page already is.  If 
we say "capability security", I don't think we'd thereby leave something out 
we'd have wanted to include.

Btw, one big advantage of this approach over the WebRing one: we can include 
sites that don't "join" us.  Like EROS, despite Jonathan's dislike of 
WebRings, and E-Speak2.2, despite HP politics.