[e-lang] Retired Switches

Mark S. Miller e-lang@mail.eros-os.org
Sat, 15 Jun 2002 23:49:17 -0700

As a result of the previous syntax wars, several syntactic features were 
removed from E.  However, I left in switches to turn some of these on out of 
indecisiveness.  The first three switches below represent features I'm now 
willing to kiss goodbye to, and discontinue their experimental support.  The 
fourth feature (Dot-based Property Access) justifies the indecisiveness.  I 
think it was a mistake to take it out of the language.  By leaving the 
mechanism in there and testable, it was easy to revive.

                              Retired Switches

The e.enable.define switch has been retired, since we are now committed to 
spelling this keyword only as "def".

The e.enable.no-paren-call switch has been retired, since no-parens 
following a dot are now an object-property access, and no-dot-calls are now 

The e.enable.no-paren-method switch has been retired, since it makes little 
sense without the availability of e.enable.no-paren-call.

The e.enable.dot-props switch has been retired, since the 
'expr.propertyName' syntax has now been accepted as an official part of E's 
syntax. 'expr.foo' as an rValue expands to 'expr.getFoo()'. 'expr1.foo := 
expr2' expands approximately to 'expr1.setFoo(expr2)'. The actual expansion 
additionally ensures that the value of the assignment expression is the 
value that expr2 evaluates to.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain