[e-lang] E sealer revisited

Andreas Raab e-lang@mail.eros-os.org
Thu, 8 May 2003 19:20:09 +0200

Hi Dean,

> As a side project, I am working on a Squeak-based runtime for 
> E.  Note that this is different from Squeak-E in that I am just
> using the Squeak environment as a runtime target with a *much*
> better impedance with E than Java has.  I do however expect
> some useful synergies.

I'm _extremely_ interested in this project. Can you say a little more about
what you're planning to do in this area and where you're currently at? The
reason why I'm asking is that for some time now I've been thinking about a
secure "front end" scripting architecture within the context of the Croquet
project (http://www.opencroquet.org) I'm working on. Since it is a
Squeak-based project there is "lots of power behind the curtain" and we
obviously need a way of dealing with it.

As one of the steps towards this goal (as we can't change it all at once) I
wanted to experiment with "secure scripting" as a first step (with the
implicit idea that we're not as much hindered by the real-time constraints
of the 3D architecture, be able to expose only limited functionality as we
see fit).

If Squeak can be a runtime target for E, I'd really love to see how well
this works in the scripting domain of Croquet.

  - Andreas