[e-lang] new position paper on the Oz-E project

Fred Spiessens fsp at info.ucl.ac.be
Wed Dec 1 03:28:54 EST 2004

Hi all,

A new position paper on the Oz-E project is available at:



The Oz-E Project:
Design Guidelines for a Secure Multiparadigm Programming Language
(Fred Spiessens and Peter Van Roy)

The design and implementation of a capability secure multiparadigm 
language should be guided from its conception by proven principles of 
secure language design. In this position paper we present the Oz-E 
project, aimed at building an Oz-like secure language, named in tribute 
of E [MMF00] and its designers and users who contributed greatly to the 
ideas presented here.

  We synthesize the principles for secure language design from the 
experiences with the capability-secure languages E and the W7-kernel 
for Scheme 48 [Ree96]. These principles will be used as primary 
guidelines during the project. We propose a layered structure for Oz-E 
and discuss some important security concerns, without aiming for 
completeness at this early stage.

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