[e-lang] Advice needed on licensing (was: Announcing E-on-Common-Lisp)

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Sun Dec 12 11:41:10 EST 2004

I'm quoting and resending just the request for advice below, since it may have 
been missed by those who aren't reading the whole Common-Lisp thread. Such 
advice would indeed be quite valuable. Thanks.

Mark Miller wrote:
> Kevin Reid wrote:
>> A question:
>> Since the code is significantly derived from Java-E (particularly such 
>> parts as the Equalizer, which is a direct translation), how should I 
>> phrase the copyright and license information?
>> Other than some hardcoded system-specific configuration, and other 
>> such details, this is the only reason I haven't yet published the source.
> <http://www.erights.org/download/licenses.html> lists all the licenses 
> covering any part of the current E implementation. AFAIK, the only one 
> of these that imposes significant restrictions is Mozilla. For all the 
> files covered by Mozilla, the copyright is held by those who own the 
> assets of Electric Communities. I would hope that this degree of 
> from-scratch effort would result in E-on-CL being freed from the Mozilla 
> license. But IANAL. The Equalizer is covered by MIT X, and so shouldn't 
> cause anyone any problems.
> If anyone who can offer advice about this matter, it would be much 
> appreciated. Please email either e-lang, or Kevin and I privately, as 
> you think is appropriate. Thanks.
> Kevin, until we get some advice on this, you may wish to avoid imitating 
> too closely any of the Mozilla-covered files.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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