[e-lang] POLA Considerations in Control Flow (was: ControllingExtent)

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Tue Dec 28 14:32:19 EST 2004

MarkM wrote:
> a) at most one of thenExpr or elseExpr are evaluated,
> b) they are evaluated only once,
> c) they are never evaluated after the conditional expression 
> completes,
> d) the outcome of the expression as a whole is the outcome of
>     evaluating one of these expressions.
I don't think these conditions are exactly right in the presence of
exceptions.  I believe you only considered a problem with pick/2 if
foo() did something strange.  I think (b) should be "they are evaluated
at most once".  You also need to define what "completes" means in (c) if
the conditional expression generates an exception.  I don't know if (d)
is correct if the expression generates an exception.
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