[e-lang] Bug?: javax.swing.event.ListDataEvent unusable

marcs e-lang@mail.eros-os.org
Tue, 6 Jan 2004 19:39:37 -0800


I have reviewed the ListModel and ListDataEvent. You are correct that,
to work in a normal fashion, a ListModel must be able to create

Reviewing the problem, turning on getIndex1 is simple and safe. As for
turning on the constructor, as I mentioned, I hate turning on event
constructors because they cry out to be used for spoofery. Having said
that, however, it is nevertheless reasonable to mark the class "unsafe"
and enable the constructor (so you'll have to use the unsafe__uriGetter
to get your hands on the class, and pass it explicitly to any emakers
that need to use it). I would guess these 2 changes will meet your
needs, is that correct? If the answer is yes, I'll forward the mods to
markm for inclusion in the next release.


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> > > I'm attempting to implement javax.swing.ListModel from E, but the
> > > constructor for ListDataEvent is suppressed, as is its getIndex1 
> > > method. Why?