[e-lang] again, basic flow == control flow?

Mark Miller markm at caplet.com
Sat Jul 24 18:05:00 EDT 2004

At 11:11 PM 7/23/2004  Friday, zuzu wrote:
>procedural loop blocks?  if-then-else conditionals?  yuck!
>sorry for acting the grumpy guss; perhaps this is merely due to
>building atop Java, but i can't understand how E is an actor language
>when it looks nothing like one in the intro examples and looks more
>like C++/Java (again, perhaps understandably) than a pure
>object-oriented syntax.

Yes, coming from pure actors these are gross. I hope you now understand why 
they're there.

>perhaps i must distill the *concepts* and make my best implementation
>guess in a pure-OO environment like the Ruby language.

I encourage you to look at Joule as well.

>p.s. the list feels quiet so far; is there a more active forum for E
>discussion?  IRC or a web BBS or something?  or is this just a blip in
>the list volume?  (again, i don't mean to bitch; i'm just excited to
>understand E.)

This is the right place. Several of us were distracted, in a major way, this 
week. More about that soon...

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