[e-lang] E uses 25 seconds to print "Hello world"

Knut I. Nesheim knuti at granvin.org
Tue Jul 27 06:18:39 EDT 2004

Hi, again.

I'm reading 'E in a Walnut' and trying to write some simple programs based on what I learn.

I believe there is something wrong somewhere; 'java -jar e.jar --rune myfile.e', where the content of myfile.e is 'println("Hello world!")' uses about 25 seconds to print 'Hello World!'. Is it supposed to be like this?

My OS is Mac Os X, on an iBook g3 833mhz, 640MB RAM and a 30GB disk. I use the Java VM bundled
with Os X(java -version reports '1.4.2_03').

Is it the loading of the E libraries(or something like that), that takes so long. Can I expect this time delay to be just E "starting up"?

Knut I. Nesheim

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