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Bill Frantz frantz at pwpconsult.com
Thu Sep 23 20:26:47 EDT 2004

At 10:29 PM -0700 9/20/04, Mark Miller wrote:
>Tyler Close wrote:
>> David Hopwood wrote:
>>> Ah, OK. I don't think there's any way to do that without either polling,
>>> or platform-dependent native code.
>> That's my suspicion too.
>> So what's the right polling period for E?
>We can of course make this configurable, but we still need to choose a
>How expensive to you expect the polling operation to be?
>What is the time interval between VatTP keep-alives?
>How long does it take for a VatTP connection to time out?

>From Msg.java:

     * A fudge factor with which to multiply the timeouts for purposes of
     * debugging.
    //static private final long TIME_FUDGE = 1;  //the normal value
    static private final long TIME_FUDGE = 60;  //debug value

    /** The tick rate for the connection keep alive clock.  Used in
     * conjunction with PING_SENDTIME and PING_TIMEOUT to ensure that the
     * connection is still in good working order. In milliseconds.*/
    static final long TICK_RATE = 15 * 1000 * TIME_FUDGE;

    /** The timeout for no messages received.  When this timeout is exceeded,
     * we send a ping message.  In milliseconds.*/
    static final long PING_SENDTIME = 20 * 1000 * TIME_FUDGE;

    /** The timeout for a ping.  If we don't receive a message within this
     * time after we have sent a ping, we declare the connection down.
     * In milliseconds.*/
    static final long PING_TIMEOUT = 20 * 1000 * TIME_FUDGE;

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