[e-lang] Remaining semantic issues

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Mon Jan 24 14:00:27 EST 2005

[Resent with missing paren added. Ignore previous. --MarkM]

Kevin Reid wrote:
>   def via (__curry(simple__quasiParser.matchMaker("foo @{0}").matchBind,
>                    __makeList.run())) [bar :int] := "foo baz"

Good, I now understand the problem. Is the following a valid transform of your
solution? It uses no new Kernel-E constructs, and it seems about as clean.

     def makeMatchMakerGuard(mm :MatchMaker, args :any[]) :ValueGuard {
         def matchMakerGuard {
             to coerce(specimen, optEjector) :any {
                 return mm.matchBind(args, specimen, optEjector)
         return matchMakerGuard

def x :(makeMatchMakerGuard(simple__quasiParser.matchMaker("foo @{0}"),[])) ?
   x =~ [bar :int] := "foo baz"

If this does the job, then we should change various expansions, including the
quasiliteral pattern expansion, to use this adaptation of your technique.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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