[e-lang] Joule - chapter 6

Matej Kosik kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Sun Jan 30 12:32:07 EST 2005

? Do I understand it right that the result revealed by the public/balance: method is only informative? I.e. when I receive it, it might be perhaps true, but I cannot know when it becomes obsolete. Its meaning thus seems to be: "in the past it was possible to transfer that much tokens."

? Why do you use the `then' mechanisms in the private/balance: method?

Otherwise the first six chapters seem to me clear now.

It would be also interesting compare the *nature* of the function which describe how much effort is required when we combine together two (or more) Joule components. Imprecisely said, in order to for the Joule to be useful, the integration effort should resemble integration of procedures/object invocations in sequential procedural/oo programming. When the effort for reviewing correctness and (in case of Joule) safety of the *whole* will be something like linear combination this effort applied for *parts*, then it may be usable. (I could write more but I don't think that it would make the things clearer).

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