[e-lang] Vat figure

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Sat Jun 18 14:13:37 EDT 2005

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
>>I turned off "Queue Fill" and "Fills" because
>>Springer prefers straight black-and-white. (Had I stuck with my original
>>drawing, I would have removed all gray scale as well.)
> It seems more important that the figures be comprehensible than that
> they meet some arbitrary stone-age conditions.  Does Springer have an
> absolute requirement for black and white only?  I'd find that hard to
> believe, since I've submitted in Springer format before, and I can't
> imagine that all photographs and screen shots are forbidden.

It's not a requirement -- just a preference. Springer suggests that b&w-only 
will reproduce better or something. I can try to find their actual statement 
if you think this is important.

In the absence of special arrangements, they will print the paper without 
color. I have not made such special arrangements, and will not request them 
for this paper.

>>To ease the transition from the small figure to the big one,
>>you may want to try illustrating the single-vat version of the same example
>>within the small figure.
> I'd rather not.  The whole point of the doing the small figure is to
> stay simple.


>>I would prefer that you not do these relabellings.
> Can you elaborate on this?  Do you believe that "SH", "AM", and "XL" are
> easier to understand than "Account", "Manager", and "Display"?  Or is it
> just the method relabellings that you would prefer to avoid?

I certainly want to avoid the method relabellings, as they would require the
whole argument structure of the paper to be refactored in a way I don't like.
If I were to relabel the objects, I think more appropriate labels for the
scenario in the paper would be, respectively,

"Account" (or "AccountManager"), and
"SpreadsheetCellUpdateListener" (or something shorter but still clear).

But I still think I'd rather not.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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