[e-lang] Vat figure

Ka-Ping Yee e-lang at zesty.ca
Mon Jun 20 11:53:56 EDT 2005

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Karp, Alan H wrote:
> After seeing Ping's figures and reading the comments about them,  I
> think truth is getting in the way of clarity.  Why not describe the data
> structure as a dequeue?

When i was starting work on the figures, it occurred to me that the
data structure was a dequeue.  I ended up deciding not to switch the
labels because stacks and queues have a single obvious end where you
pop off items, whereas if i called the frame list as a dequeue i'd
have to clarify that you only popped items off from one end.  So my
initial hunch was that it wouldn't simplify the explanation overall.

You may be right, though.  Maybe we should try it and see.

-- ?!ng

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