[e-lang] Quick comments needed on tgc draft

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Jun 21 16:22:49 EDT 2005

David Hopwood wrote:
> The styles that used \emph (italics) should probably be slanted instead:
> \newcommand{\name}[1]{{\sf\textsl{#1}}}        % objects/processes
> [...]
> \newcommand{\var}[1]{{\tt\textsl{#1}}}         % variables
> \newcommand{\dvar}[1]{\textsl{#1}}             % declarations of variables
> \newcommand{\dobj}[1]{\textsl{#1}}             % declarations of objects

Done, thanks.
I changed the definition of \var to be just \tt, since I don't want it slanted.

Btw, what's the difference between \emph and \textsl ?

> The LLNCS style apparently wants article titles to be mostly lowercase, but
> is sometimes quite overzealous at it. For example:
>  M. Allman. An evaluation of xml-rpc.
> This can be fixed by adding curlies around acronyms, like so:
>  title = {An evaluation of {XML-RPC}},

Good. Many are now fixed.

> stackvat.eps isn't linked from the HTML index. Also, a .zip or .tgz of 
> all the
> files would be helpful.

The just-announced web page 
<http://www.erights.org/talks/promises/paper/index.html> now links to the .eps 
files as well. It also links to stale-src.zip, which contains a stale snapshot 
of the directory. I'll only be updating this once in a blue moon, or if we 
make a change to something that's not obviously an in-development source file.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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