[e-lang] Vat figures with bigger text

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Mon Jun 27 22:12:11 EDT 2005

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> I've adjusted the vat figures to make the text larger.
>     http://zesty.ca/big1vat.svg
>     http://zesty.ca/big2vat.svg

In the interests of quick feedback on the diagrams, I have posted a 
not-yet-in-a-coherent-state version of the document in the standard place:


Regarding the text, it's probably still a good idea to spend time only on 
Promise Pipelining on until I post a more coherent version later tonight.

It contains a new Figure 1 on p6.

Ping, your big1vat shows up as Figure 2 on p11. I moved things around a bit in 
the interests of conserving vertical space.

Your big2vat shows up as Figure 3 on p13. I changed the labels a bit, but we 
are sticking with readable identifiers as you suggest.

When shrunk to the margins, I still think the text in Figure 3 is too small. 
What do you think of explaining the numbered sequence of steps in the caption, 
as shown here, so that we can remove much of the text from the figure, in 
order to enlarge the remaining text?

The pipelining diagram (Figure 4 on p20) now shows the same message-box style 
used in your figures.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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