[e-lang] Pipelining figure

Ka-Ping Yee e-lang at zesty.ca
Tue Jun 28 14:51:27 EDT 2005

Here is a new version of the promise-pipelining figure, done in
a style consistent with the other vat figures.


I've chosen to use open arrowheads here for unresolved promises,
for a few reasons -- the shape is more familiar and easier to
describe than the curvy anchor-like shape in the current figure,
and it makes meaningful sense because it's just like an arrow
except that it hasn't been filled in yet, which seems appropriate
for a reference that "hasn't been filled in yet".

To add this shape to the list of available markers in Inkscape,
i modified the markers.svg file (hooray for open file formats!).
You will need this file:


which provides the OpenArrowS, OpenArrowM, and OpenArrowL shapes.
It goes in the share/markers/ subdirectory of the Inkscape directory.

I am working on a second version of this figure that shows how the
messages pile up in the second vat's queue.

-- ?!ng

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