[e-lang] Pipelining figure

Mark Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Jun 28 18:50:52 EDT 2005

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
>     http://zesty.ca/promises/pipeline-transit.svg
>         (The messages are in transit between the vats.)

Looks good. I prefer to have the b() message farther to the left, so that 
their right-to-left horizontal order parallel the order in which they're sent. 
This helps suggest that the inter-vat stream is also a FIFO-order preserving 

Given that b() is to the left of a(), perhaps X should be shown to the left of Y?

Vertical space is precious. The gray bar at the bottom of this figure is 
unnecessary. (Yes, I know it's a placeholder for the next diagram's queue, but 
it's still unnecessary here.)

>     http://zesty.ca/promises/pipeline-result.svg
>         (The messages are queued in the second vat, and the result
>         pointer is shown.)

The c(r2) message is shown in the wrong position. It is queued within the r1 
promise. It is *not* queued in VatB's queue until this promise has been 
resolved. (And even then, only if it's resolved to an object on VatB.

See p52 of <https://www.cypherpunks.to/erights/talks/promises/promises.pdf> 
while imagining all the distractions removed.
(Better yet if you have Powerpoint for Windows 2002 or later, please watch the 
corresponding animation 

> This figure is bigger and smaller at the same time.  By this, i mean
> the figure itself has more detail, and if it were shown at the same
> scale as the previous version it would be larger.  But it has a wider
> aspect ratio, so if you scale it to the text width, it will actually
> take up less space in the paper.

So long as something fits within the horizontal margins, vertical space is all 
that matters. But rather than scaling the .eps files with a LaTeX directive, 
could we revise these .svg files so that they simply fit? The advantage is 
that we'd then have simpler control over what font size we're using.

> All of my previously posted files related to this paper have been
> moved into the http://zesty.ca/promises/ directory.

Grabbing 'em now. Thanks!

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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