[e-lang] A PictureBook of Secure Cooperation

Julien Couvreur jcouv at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 29 18:36:52 EST 2005

Really good slides. Thanks!
I really like the part about identity not being a key to these patterns
of cooperation. 

On the "Polarized Delegation Chain", the abbreviation weren't clear to
me (AL, MS and AK). What am I missing? Maybe using real roles as an
example could make it easier to understand.

Also, would you have some pointers to some of the existing designs that
you referenced (Diablo2, Quicken,...)?


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In the ongoing process of building more introductory materials for
different audiences, I have constructed a simple PictureBook of Secure
Cooperation. You can find it at


The cap-talk and e-lang folk will not learn anything new from this
presentation; however, it may be useful as a reference for people you
are trying to bring into the community. It has the merit of being a very
fast read (it is, after all, a picture book :-), and tries more to point
people in the direction of our way of thinking about things, than about
our specific technology (well, there is an appendix with E sample code
to implement some of the pictures :-) 


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