[e-lang] Netcat in E?

Kevin Reid kpreid at attglobal.net
Tue Jan 17 10:30:46 EST 2006

On Jan 15, 2006, at 16:33, Mark S. Miller wrote:
> Steve Johnston wrote:
>> As near as I can tell the only way to get an E program to accept  
>> an arbitrary TCP connection is to use a java class.  Please  
>> correct me if I
>> am wrong.  I was excited when I thought that I could use elib.EIO  
>> to turn the Streams I get from the Socket class into an E Stream.   
>> But EIO does not seem to be implemented yet.
> For E-on-Java, this is currently correct. OTOH, E-on-CL <http:// 
> homepage.mac.com/kpreid/elang/e-on-cl/> has made much progress on  
> implementing EIO.
> Kevin, is E-on-CL's EIO ready for writing such a netcat?

Halfway. Client (connect()) sockets are possible, servers (listen())  
are not. (I've written the code to support listening, but it doesn't  
work and I haven't gotten around to finding out why, so it hasn't  
been committed yet.)

However, an old project of mine was EIO implemented on E-on-Java. I  
lost interest, but the code mostly works, though the interface for  
creating socket streams no longer matches how I think it should be done.

I have now published the source in its current state:


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