[e-lang] E Benchmarks

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Wed Nov 29 23:30:06 CST 2006

The E implementation benchmarking tool I've been working on is now in  
my Subversion repository.


Things that need improvement:

   - Measure CPU time as well as real time.
     (This requires support from the E implementation.)

   - Separating into emakers.

   - Better handling for the multiple-data-set-size tests.

   - Skip benchmarks that throw, instead of dying. There's currently  
one which fails on E-on-Java because of a use of [].diverge(any).

   - Tweakable repetition count control scheme.

   - Less wasted time in the repetition selection and empty-routine  

   - More benchmarks.
     (Please help me think of them!)

The current tests included are very much just the things I wanted to  
test for a particular change I was considering in E-on-CL; they are  
not broad at all.

Kevin Reid                            <http://homepage.mac.com/kpreid/>

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