[e-lang] [Fwd: Intermetaverse group in Second Life]

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Sat Feb 3 15:03:30 CST 2007

Mark S. Miller wrote:
> Interesting. Might an inter-metaverse protocol be a killer app for 
> cryptographic caps?

Metaverse systems in general could be a killer app for crypto and caps.

Second Life is facing some problems right now that will only grow more 
serious over time.

Copying objects has caused some problems with the SL economy, for 
example.  Never mind that selling virtual products in a virtual world in 
general is stupid, but I digress.  Selling virtual services is fine, IMHO.

More seriously, in order for the SL economy to start acting more 
reliably (and more like a real economy) they need a functioning 
reputation market... now.  Lot of scams running around.  Fake banks and 
pyramid investment schemes, etc.

It may eventually be possible to run your own reputation service.  I 
might subscribe to several, depending on their depth of research and 

At a more fundamental level, "Grey Goo" attacks on the grid have 
recently shut down SL for a couple days.  These are self-replicating 
objects that suck up CPU (and presumably memory and network) resources.

They're currently implementing 'fences' to limit the damage.  And 
falling back on identity-based access control.  *Sigh*

Read more about grey goo here:



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