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John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 3 23:58:35 CST 2007

How about a predator that eats grey goo for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If a single predator doesn't get enough grey goo to eat for a certain  
of time, they die off.  The more grey goo there is, the more the  

Seems like second life is getting more like regular life.

You'll probably want the predator to learn new grey goo behavior.


On Feb 3, 2007, at 7:24 PM, David Hopwood wrote:

> James Graves wrote:
>> At a more fundamental level, "Grey Goo" attacks on the grid have
>> recently shut down SL for a couple days.  These are self-replicating
>> objects that suck up CPU (and presumably memory and network)  
>> resources.
>> They're currently implementing 'fences' to limit the damage.  And
>> falling back on identity-based access control.  *Sigh*
>> Read more about grey goo here:
>>    http://blog.secondlife.com/2006/10/09/security-and-second-life/
>>    http://www.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2006/09/linden_lab_grey.html
>> An exercise for e-lang members:  Tell us how you would fix it  
>> instead.
> I would do the obvious: charge for processor time. This might not  
> be sufficient
> on its own, but it means that if someone abuses the system, you can  
> fine them
> so that they don't have the resources to do it again.
> This is so obvious that it has been suggested before, and seems to  
> have
> been rejected based on a perception that users would be resistant  
> to it.
> However, it sounds like the user resistance is not specifically to  
> charging
> for processor time; it's general dissatisfaction with SL management  
> policies
> for a variety of reasons.
> (So what else is new? "No taxation without representation.")
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