[e-lang] Bug (0.8.37d, svn HEAD): Hang hides updoc output

Kevin Reid kpreid at attglobal.net
Sat Feb 24 23:16:17 CST 2007

? "a"
# value: "a"

? "b"
# value: "c"

? "d"
# value: "d"

? interp.waitAtTop(Ref.promise()[0])
# value: <Promise>

Running this script obviously hangs on the fourth step, but also does  
not produce any output at all for the preceding steps. - 
Dupdoc.verbose=true has no effect.

This is inconvenient because it hides information about when (by  
counting dots) and why (if a previous failure would have been  
sufficient to understand the unresolved promise) the hang occurs.

Kevin Reid                            <http://homepage.mac.com/kpreid/>

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