[e-lang] Updoc timing quirk

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Tue Feb 27 09:26:05 CST 2007

? interp.waitAtTop(stdout <- print("hello sometime!"))
# stdout: hello sometime!

? print("padding")
# stdout: padding

? print("padding")
# stdout: padding

Under E-on-CL's updoc implementation, this passes. Under E-on-Java's,  
"hello sometime!" is collected as part of the first "padding" step's  

It seems to me that output happening before a waitAtTop completes  
would be most usefully associated with the step during which the wait  
was initiated.

This is a problem for me at the moment as I have an updoc script I  
want to use on both E-on-CL and E-on-Java, and it will fail on one or  
the other depending on how I arrange the output.

Please let me know which behavior should be considered correct, so I  
can proceed appropriately.

Kevin Reid                            <http://homepage.mac.com/kpreid/>

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