[e-lang] Decision needed: Repository newline choice

Dean Tribble tribble at e-dean.com
Tue Jan 2 13:31:53 CST 2007

Dropping support for native line endings seems like a bad idea.  There 
are plenty of other tools than notepad that expect correct native line 
ends (e.g., command line tools).  Dropping support for the line-end 
convention present on most of the computers in the world seems 
unnecessarily limiting, as well.

Making the SVN respository consistent, and having it produce native line 
ends on whatever platform you've brought the code to would be nice.

Kevin Reid wrote:
> On Dec 24, 2006, at 12:09, Mark S. Miller wrote:
>> Kevin Reid wrote:
>>> I also notice that it has CRLF line endings. I'll be adding svn:eol-
>>> style native to macify-swt.e. Nearly every file in the repository
>>> probably *should* have it set to native.
>> Well, at least every text file I suppose. For the erights.org web  
>> site at least, we have some binaries in the repository.
>> I notice that on MSWindows these days, everything except Notepad  
>> seems to work file with just LF newlines. I propose that we just  
>> use LF newlines in all text files everywhere.
> Will the tools you're describing write LFs rather than CRLFs for  
> *newly entered* line endings in such files? If not, then using LF  
> newlines will result in mixed files, which are quite troublesome.
> I believe the repository should have svn:eol-style properties set,  
> rather than the current condition of (at least some) files having  
> CRLF newlines, in order to make the files usable for non-Windows  
> tools. Should I tell Subversion:
>    - to use and enforce LF newlines
>    - to use and enforce platform newlines (they will be stored  
> uniformly in the repository)
> ? Please let me know soon, so I can apply this change and merge in my  
> macify-swt.e script.

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