[e-lang] Wiki directions

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Sat Jan 20 13:27:44 CST 2007

James Graves wrote:

> The amount of spam posted anonymously, versus the amount of useful 
> content created by anonymous users (none, in our case) (*) does not 
> warrant continuing to allow anonymous edits.

By the way, props to Kevin, for patrolling the recent changes list. 
Thanks.  Keep this up, and I'll have to give you sysop status.


I'm still slowly (some weeks very slowly) working on breaking up Walnut 
into smaller chunks.

A lot of the sections, like "Walnut/Distributed Computing/Promises" will 
eventually be refined to be standalone definition articles too.  So 
you'd be able to get to it as "Promise" as well.

The trick here is to make it readable as a standalone article, and yet 
still flow within Walnut itself.  We'll need to experiment with that a bit.

We've still got a ways to go to cross-link all of the concepts from each 
page.  And I started creating more Wikipedia links for topics that don't 
belong on the ERights wiki itself.

I haven't gotten around to the syntax highlighting yet.

Any requests or other problems so far?


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