[e-lang] Defining DeepPassByCopy

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Thu Mar 1 07:18:27 CST 2007

On Feb 28, 2007, at 21:07, Kevin Reid wrote:
> What I conclude from this is that the property which is interesting
> for boot-comm purposes is not DeepPassByCopy, but rather "deeply
> either PassByCopy or a graph exit". Defining this, and making the
> notion of "is a graph exit, for a comm system obeying the usual
> rules" reified in a guard/named property, will solve my current  
> problem.
> I had previously written in this message a section about how
> StaticMakers are not really PassByCopy because their definition is
> provided by the receiving system, but after further thought I have
> concluded that this is not really a concrete difference:
> *everything*'s definition is (at some remove) provided by invoking
> something which is a graph exit.

MarkM and I have discussed this, and agreed that the 'Data' guard,  
which is currently an alias for DeepPassByCopy, would be suitable for  
being this.

In particular, under this definition, the subgraphs which pass the  
Data guard are those which are necessarily the same as themselves  
serialized to Data-E and back (given 'the usual' graph exits and  

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