[e-lang] [cap-talk] "Comm system"

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Thu Mar 15 14:46:24 CDT 2007

> (Posted to cap-talk as well as e-lang; please consider which lists to  
> reply to.)
> Mark Miller said yesterday that he thought "comm system" was too  
> generic, that there are too many things it could refer to.
> (A comm system, in our existing terminology, is a program which  
> manages proxies for remote objects over some network/IPC protocol  
> (e.g. CapTP, boot-comm); serialization, resolution, pipelining,  
> whenBroken, etc.)
> He suggested the term "remoting system". "remoting" is an unfamiliar  
> term to me, and I'd like to hear others' thoughts on these choices of  
> terminology.

How about "remote object protocol"?

This wikipedia page suggets "remote method invocation":


I guess that an E-style comm system does some things more advanced or at a
higher layer of abstraction than other RMI, in which case it might deserve a
different term such as "remote object protocol".

The E-inspired Twisted project is widely used, and the most current
documentation there says "next-generation RPC protocol".




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