[e-lang] Please stop cross-posting (was: "Comm system")

Mark S. Miller markm at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Mar 15 21:34:51 CDT 2007

David Hopwood wrote:
> Kevin Reid wrote:
>> (Posted to cap-talk as well as e-lang; please consider which lists to  
>> reply to.)
> (The suggestion below is applicable to both language and non-language-based
> distributed systems.)

Nothing in this discussion is specific to language-based cap systems. Indeed,
the first cap "remoting" system, or whatever we call it, is Jed's DCCS. DCCS
worked between OS instances -- specifically instances of Jed's single-machine
object-capability OS, CCS. (I believe I picked up the term "remoting" from Jed.)

In the interests of terminating the cross-posting, I am sending this
separately to e-lang and cap-talk. I suggest this discussion continue only on
cap-talk. If a substantial and separate sub-topic develops that is clearly
only of interest to language-based cap systems, we could discuss it on e-lang.

On a related note, Tyler's recent discussion comparing expressiveness of E vs
Waterken/Joe-E is clearly about cap language issues, and so should continue
only on e-lang.

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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