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Subject: Re: Quote from Erlang's designer, Joe Armstrong
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On 3/22/07, Mark S. Miller wrote:
> Would they need to start from scratch? How tame-able is Erlang?

My knowledge of erlang is really quite sketchy, however,

I believe that, at the moment, their distributed support involves
starting multiple erlang processes on different machines, protected by
a magic cookie. I don't know if the connections are encrypted at all,
I suspect not.

If you have the magic cookie to connection to another erlang process,
you control it. You can spawn arbitrary lambdas on the remote host.

There is a hint of a capability graph in erlang in that, in order to
send a process a message you must know its pid and they are
unforgeable. However, I'm sure that there are enough backdoors in the
erlang libraries to get around that if you're an accomplished erlang


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