[e-lang] EProxyResolver and sameness-breaking

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Fri Mar 23 11:34:38 CDT 2007

On Mar 23, 2007, at 0:25, Kevin Reid wrote:

> To fix this, I have redefined the identity of a Far ref to be not  
> the [handler, resolutionSlot], but rather [handler, makeTraversalKey 
> (resolutionSlot)]. This way, the ref's identity is still completely  
> derived from the proxy construction, but it is not subject to  
> promise resolution.
> I have this implemented in E-on-CL, but only in a form too ugly to  
> publish; I will improve and commit it soon.

This has now been committed.

> I am also working on implementing this proxy system in E-on-Java.

Most of the implementation is complete (handlers and resolution  
work), but sameness of far refs is not yet working correctly.

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