[e-lang] Causeway viewing your E-on-CL traces

Kevin Reid kpreid at mac.com
Tue Aug 5 13:38:14 CDT 2008

[reply to off-list message, with permission]

On Aug 5, 2008, at 8:14, Terry Stanley wrote:

> Causeway parsed and presented your trace pretty easily but there were
> a couple of problems.
> 1) Because of how the E term-tree pattern matcher works, the Causeway
> parser expects a particular order for the fields. This restriction
> will go away when Mark makes some changes to the term-tree pattern
> matcher. To view your causality trace I just changed my code to match
> your order.

I expected this.

 From what I understand of the format, Causeway should also accept  
events which are unknown subclasses of known event classes, and ignore  
unrecognized fields.

> 2) The source files in the trace file had absolute path names. I used
> a text editor to change them to relative paths.

If they are to be generated relative, what should they be relative to?

> <e-on-cl-causeway-snap.png>

I notice that the vat IDs are long and present in the UI. Since E  
systems aren't usually in the business of identifying everything with  
URIs, and Tyler's documentation says they should be URIs, I just set  
up to generate random numbers (possibly overly large; I didn't think  
about them) and stuff them into tag URIs.

Perhaps the log should have a field for a nickname (in the Zooko's- 
Triangle sense) for the vat, since one exists in E and it's more  
likely to be what the user wants?

(By the way, I dislike the term "nickname" for that corner of the  
triangle. In E-on-CL, I use "label" instead, because "nickname"  
implies to me something someone else calls the referent, whereas a  
label is part of/attached to the thing itself, which is what a  
Triangle "nickname" is.)

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