[e-lang] Causeway status (was: Causeway viewing your E-on-CL traces)

Terry Stanley cocoonfx at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 12:29:15 CDT 2008

The Erights wiki has been updated with a screenshot and a short
description of the new Causeway viewer (to be the Causeway in
E-on-Java 0.9.2).


The screenshot shows Causeway's presentation of an E program that
generated a trace in the new JSON format. The E program ran in a
single vat and used callbacks rather than promises. (We refer to this
as Ajax-style programming.)

Causeway is difficult to describe at this point -- we are neither here
nor there. We no longer support the functionality of the original
Causeway and we don't yet fully support the new.

Work in progress...

* There's a draft implementation of E-on-Java generating the new JSON
trace file format but it's not ready to check in.

* Causeway is not yet handling multiple causes.

* Causeway is limited in parsing trace files. The fields must be in a
certain order. No extensions, no extra fields. This is a temporary
limitation until MarkM enhances the Term-tree matcher.

A few comments...

* In Sent events anchor.turn number is the causing event. In Gots, it
is the caused event, where the event was received. Causeway looks at
the message field to match up a corresponding Sent-Got pair.

* Unwieldy names presented in the UI do become tiresome. Causeway will
follow the convention of using the last segment in the URI as the
short, pretty name and the full URI as the globally unique name. So,
"http://localhost:8080/-/t7/" will be displayed as "t7".

* We're not fully functioning, but for the work we've done so far,
everything is substantially simpler with Tyler's trace file format. I
basically re-wrote Causeway and it is much simpler, a much better base
to build on. So much complex code is gone, it just melted away.


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