[e-lang] An object-capability subset of Python

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sat Aug 16 09:21:37 CDT 2008

Dear Mark Seaborn:

Way to go!  A capability-secure variant of Python would be very  
interesting!  Note that Ecru has a Python bridge.

By the way, the PyPy folks are making good progress on their  
implementation of Python, and one of their interests is what they  
call "restricted execution".


The PyPy codebase might make a better base for your work than the  
CPython codebase.  For one thing, the CPython developers have already  
considered and rejected several capability security projects and  
other restricted execution projects, so they may be less encouraging  
to you.

Also, PyPy is very cool.  It has amazing animated graphs of its  
compilation process, for one thing.  :-)



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