[e-lang] An object-capability subset of Python

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Aug 19 12:53:18 CDT 2008

Dear Mark Searborn and e-lang:

I chatted with the PyPy folks on their IRC channel, and they pointed  
me to:




This shows that they are interested in the idea of secure execution,  
but that they don't yet understand the notion of capabilities.

However, they are very smart and open-minded folks, so I encourage  
you to work with them.

In contrast Guido van Rossum, when I spoke to him at the most recent  
PyCon, emphatically told me "If you think that Python can be made  
into a capability system then you do NOT understand Python!".   
Shortly thereafter he ended our conversation in order to be  
interviewed by a journalist.



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