[e-lang] Security and Vulnerability Assessment of an E Program

Jimmy Wylie Jr. jwylie at uno.edu
Tue Aug 26 11:49:56 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I am doing some reading/researching into E and was asked to write a program
that highlites the most important features of the E language.  This part
doesn't seem to difficult.  But what I am having problems with is proving
that the program is secure.  How do I conduct some sort of security
assessment of the program?  Is it enough to create the reference graph and
show that each object only has the minimum capabilities necessary?  Has the
actual E language been submitted for some kind of review?  Even if I program
well within the capability discipline, what guarantee do I have that my
foundation, E, isn't vulnerable?  I know E was examined during the DARPA
Browser project, but I wasn't sure how thorough the review of E was.

Thanks you, your help is much appreciated.
-- Jimmy Wylie
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