[e-lang] wiki.erights.org down?

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Sat Feb 2 17:37:14 EST 2008

Hi all,

The wiki is up and running on a slightly newer, slightly faster box. 
Ideally, we'd still upgrade to the latest OS, MediaWiki, etc. software, 
but that'll have to wait for another weekend.

Next I'll work on that catchpa stuff next.  I'm not going to promise a 
specific date though.


What do we want the policy to be with users and editing anyway?

First, we tried just plain open (anonymous users can edit), and got some 
spam that way.  We would revert the changes and also block that IP address.

Next, we tried to require a user account to edit pages.  And we got some 
spam that way (a lot).  So we'd (*) ban the user, and revert the 
changes.  However, with the current MediaWiki software, you don't easily 
see the IP address the user signed up with, because ideally we'd also 
just ban that IP as well.

So I forget the details with the catchpa software... did we want to use 
that for signing up new accounts.  Or for making any edits?  Or for 
making only anonymous edits and allowing anonymous edits again?


Another option is to only allow account creation by the sysops.  Right 
now there are just three sysops: MarkM, Kevin and myself.

And only I am a 'bureaucrat', who can give sysop access to other users.

Anyone else who wants either of these privileges, just let me know.


(*) By 'we' I mean mostly other people besides myself.  Thanks to 
everyone who is keeping an eye on the recent changes log.

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